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Suzy-Grace ~ Sacred Alchemist ~
*Lightworker & Channel*



Welcome to my website - it's great that you are here - and I Thank You for your Beautiful presence at this AMAZING time!

I am Suzy-Grace Galadriel ~ Sacred Alchemist ~ and I live in a small village in-between the two Moors of beautiful Exmoor and Dartmoor, in Devon, UK........"The Two Moors gateway"........where I can immerse myself in the beautiful energy of the Natural Elements of Mother Earth - our Beautiful GAIA  _/\_

Nature is my Inspiration, along with my connection to the expanded realms of the Cosmos - my Galactic Family of Light - their frequencies are Channelled through me to bring Guidance, Inspiration and Transformation - all holding the pure Essence of Love, in their Light Frequencies, which manifests as LIGHT LANGUAGE that is transmitted through my Heart. This can include Sounds/Tones, Singing, Symbols, Pictures, and Hand Movements.

Light Language is a form of Multidimensional encoded communication, that is Channelled from higher states of Consciousness, and fully understood by the Soul. It adjusts to the resonance of the receiver's personal vibration, and can initiate clearing, balancing, activations, and alignment into the NEW VIBRATION of wellbeing.


What I Can Do For You......

Personal 1-2-1 sessions - in person, or online.

Independant Celebrant; Bespoke Wedding Blessings, Naming Ceremonies and Funerals.

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Groups/ Workshops and Wellbeing Events.

Bespoke Intuitive Readings using Tarot with Spiritual Insights.

 For Enquiries and Bookings please contact Suzy-Grace on 07581 228787

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© 2020 Suzy-Grace Galadriel

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