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A Wedding Blessing beautifully handcrafted ~ just for you. Together we will create the most beautiful Ceremony that you desire ~ the Vows, Readings and words ~ perfectly suited for you. Creating Heartful memories on your special day.

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Couple's Kiss


A bespoke Vow Renewal Ceremony to celebrate your marriage. Perhaps you have made it to a milestone year together and you would like to celebrate, and reaffirm, your loving commitment to each other. Choosing your original Vows ~ or deciding on new ones for each other ~ we can create your beautiful day together.

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A Partnership Commitment Ceremony is a beautiful way of showing your commitment to your partner ~ a mutually agreed commitment to one another involving love, trust, honesty and openness ~ a Ceremony to celebrate your 'togetherness'.

Couple Kissing
I Do
Loving Couple
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A Handfasting is a rural folkloric and Pagan/Celtic custom, dating back to the 16th Century. It is 'to formerly promise to make a contract', where the hands of you and your beloved are 'binded' together by beautiful bespoke hand-made ribbons ~ as you 'tie the knot'. The custom was originally for 'one year and a day', or 'as long as love shall last'. There is also a Ceremony with a 'Hoop & Wand', and Mead may be shared from the Ceremonial Horn. You may also like to jump over the Besom Broom!  

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A beautiful alternative to a Christening. A non-religious way of marking the arrival of your new baby, or the naming of older children - or indeed adults too. Together we will create a happy and personal Naming Ceremony in choosing your Guideparents, your venue etc - as we write a unique Ceremony on your preferences. 

Tiny Feet
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A truly Heart-Felt Ceremony, created with Love and Compassion....a Ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one. A personal and fitting way to say goodbye, without religion (unless your wishes dictate otherwise). Focussing affectionately on the one who has died, paying tribute to their place in life.

© 2020 Suzy-Grace Galadriel 

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