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Bespoke Intuitive Reading - Using Tarot/ Oracle Cards & Spiritual Insights


Successfully offering clients heartfelt Readings for 28 years using Tarot,  Oracle cards and Spiritual Insights - which can include Spiritual Guidance and Mediumship.

As  an 'Intuitive' Reader, I connect with the cards that have been chosen by you, and tune in to what messages they have to convey - in that very moment.

I connect with you, at a deeper level, to bring information through, from the Higher states of Consciousness, that is beneficial for you.

Readings are enlightening, healing and uplifting.

You may choose from *PLATINUM, GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE packages (*Includes Spiritual Communication. Please see 'Rates' page for more info).

For specific requests, bespoke packages are available also - please contact me to discuss.


Cards used: The Golden Tarot           

                The Crystal Tarot

                   The Fairy Oracle

                                               The Goddess Unleashed Oracle

                          Medicine Cards

                                                       Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards


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