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Light Language...

Light Language is a powerful Healing tool on the path of Ascension and Empowerment. It communicates directly with your DNA - breaking through mental barriers by opening the Heart. It is a deeply Alchemical Energy - Quantum in nature - which is coming forward as a powerful catalyst for the Ascension of humanity.

Light Language can be transmitted through various methods ie; Sounds/Tones, Singing, Hand movements, and written - as in symbols and codes, onto paper.

My first experience of receiving Light Language transmissions, and communication with 'The Blue People', began in the June of 2018. 

The more I was opening, to channel Higher states of Consciousness, more Magickal things began to happen!

I learned that some of 'the blue people' were of Sirian origin and that there were in fact 18 different Consciousnesses that are working through me. 

As my Sacred Sound work was unfolding - particularly with my Singing Bowl - a beautiful Angelic consciousness was channelling the singing/tones. I was given a name of "Alhora"......she feels 'feminine', in frequency. In Chaldean, and Pythagorean, Numerology the numerical value of alhora is 1......

I love it when everything drops into place!

When I channel 'Alhora', I am "pulling the unconscious into the Light".


A 6o minute session includes Chakra clearing, and balancing, for Optimum health.

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CREDIT: My beautiful LOGO above, contains 3 bespoke symbols/codes of Light Language channeled by Natasha at 

© 2020 Suzy-Grace Galadriel

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