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**RECENT REVIEWS...........**

"Thank you so very much for such a deep and powerful healing, in my 1-2-1 Sacred Sound session. I have slept so well, deeply, which I have not done in a long time, and today has been full of high vibrations and an open heart for you, and all you did yesterday -  I found so much comfort in your words of wisdom too. I couldn't be more grateful."  LK

"I’ve been coming to Suzy-Grace for healing sessions since 2015. To begin with, it was always one-on-one sessions, involving Reiki and other forms of healing. Now I regularly attend her sacred sound group sessions. 


What can I say? Suzy is humble, intuitive, generous, and kind. She always creates a safe, loving space, and the healing is powerful. Her work is constantly evolving and deepening, and she embraces that change, always with a willingness to give what’s needed at that time. She presents deep ideas with true simplicity, compassion, and wisdom. And she is a conduit for a stream of love that I feel very fortunate to experience. 


I would recommend Suzy with my whole heart. Her sessions have carried me through some truly dark times, into the light at the end of the tunnel and beyond." JM


"After having a few very tough months and not knowing where to turn, a friend recommended that I contact Suzy-Grace for some guidance.

Suzy-Grace was lovely - from start to finish - she made me feel welcome, relaxed and at home right away. What she found and what came through, on the Reading, was one of a kind - truly special and eye opening!

She really helped me acknowledge and deal with some issues that had been bothering me. I would recommend her to anyone seeking guidance xx"  D.

"On Mothering Sunday, you have popped into my heart and my thoughts...


Only two Sound Healing sessions in, but they've been transformative for me. I can't thank you enough.

At the last one, where I felt quite shaken, I felt  as if I'd undergone a massive energetic cleanse as well as a download....and in the few weeks since, I'm sharper of mind, lighter of spirit, able to feel joy for the first time in over a year! 

My physical symptoms are clearing.

All love and thankfulness to You for Mothering and nurturing all of us _/\_  Emma"

"My neighbour is still singing your praises.

Thank you for what you did for her yesterday xx"

(Review from a recent Mind, Body & Spirit Fayre)

"Your Readings have an extraordinary depth and clarity to them that reveals things yet unseen until they astonishingly unfold in the 3D in the most remarkable ways"


"Thank you Suzy-Grace so much for such a supportive and wonderful morning with the Angels. I have walked away from my reading with clarity, a new sense of direction and a heart brimming over with Love. Unmissable xxx"


"I would like to say a few words about the experience that I had recently with Suzy-Grace (SG) in December. 


I went along not really knowing what to expect with the exception of having a tarot reading as SG indicated that our ‘work’ would go wherever it would go, based upon the day. 


When I arrived,  SG put me immediately at ease and explained what would happen during our session but quickly indicated that someone who had passed was also present and had a message for me and asked if it would be ok to share that. I said that would be fine. For the next half an hour or so, SG outlined some things that I understood and other things that were highly accurate, but could also be considered more generic. 


I should also say that I am a sceptical believer and I was really clear with SG about this ahead of our session. SG was unconcerned by my assertions.  I also work myself in a field that requires me to remain objective but am very aware that my verbal and visual cues can be a giveaway to a seasoned professional and so worked hard to keep these to a minimum (listening back to the CD following the session, I managed to keep my verbal information to a minimum and was quite vague in my responses to ensure that clues were not forthcoming but cannot account for my visual cues, although I am known for my poker face!).


To further assess what I was told by SG, I gave the CDs to my sister (who is more sceptical than me) and asked for thoughts on the information shared. I did not give my views to my sister as I did not wish to influence her thoughts.  While she agreed that there were generic points of information that could apply to others, there were some very specific points that led us both to believe that it was the person we both knew. 


I should also add that further credit can be given to SG as I have a limited digital footprint as I do not have social media so research could not have been done previously by SG and the person who SG was engaging with, also had no social media. 


In addition to this during our session, there was another person present who wished to give me a message and while this was a little more vague, there was again enough information to suggest a strong credibility to SG’s work. In both messages, information given was not in any public arena and was very specific and could only be known by me and my sister.  


After an hour or so, we turned to the Tarot work which was very interesting but only the future can tell me if this is accurate, so watch this space! 


Overall, this was an enjoyable couple of hours (if not a little unsettling) and I wish to assert that I am significantly impressed with SG and will almost certainly see her again. Money well spent!"

"A Reading with Suzy is such a special gift to yourself. I found it to be incredibly sacred, special and healing, giving me such comfort, hope, guidance and insight just when I needed it. Suzy is gifted, blessed and wise and my trust in her was instant. Thank you for opening my heart to so much more and giving me pieces to the magical bigger picture that we are all part of!".......

"Suzy-Grace is a beautiful soul, who made me feel really comfortable when I had a Reading with her. She gave me very accurate information about my family who have passed. Suzy-Grace's personal interpretation of the Tarot cards provided a lot of information and guidance for me. The CD recording has been really valuable as there was a lot to process, and I have been able to listen again in my own time. I would highly recommend Suzy-Grace's Readings as she gives information in a kind and compassionate way. Her cards are very beautiful too!"


"I can't recommend Suzy-Grace enough. A very kind hearted, intuitive, spiritually gifted reader who said all the things I went to see her for without a prompt. I've previously seen a few readers over the years and rate Suzy-Grace as one of the best. Even after the reading things she said made more sense and luckily she recorded it as no doubt even more will come to light when I listen again. Thank you."


"I saw Suzy at a time where I felt like my life was at a crossroads with me not really knowing which way to turn. I was, and still am, blown away by her advice and messages that I received from the other side. It gave me clarity on the choices I had and to look at longer life choices. My reading was full of laughter, smiling and of course tears. I cannot recommend Suzy enough, and will definitely have another reading with her.  Lora xx"

"Thank you so much for an incredible reading! You made contact with three members of my family and, best of all, with my soulmate who I had so wished to hear from. The messages were specific, relevant, loving and reassuring. It was all I had hoped for and more. You are a gifted and lovely person, Suzy-Grace and, no doubt, I will be requesting another reading when I want to hear from the other side again. 

Jill J".

 "Suzy was sent to me by a good friend of mine, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
Warm, wonderful and couldn’t have asked for a better reading.
It has been therapy I very much needed in my life at this time, and she honestly helped me in a way I couldn’t have possibly asked for so thank you.
I have now recommended another friend and I know she will not be disappointed.
Thank you Suzy, you are wonderful".

“I have seen Suzy 3 times now and every time Suzy amazes me with what she gets through with her readings, she knows and has knowledge about events and past tense that no one, but myself would know, Suzy has also told me future events that was going to be and got this spot on to the month, (my surprise baby) that Suzy saw entering my life path x

Suzy was also able to connect with loved ones no longer with me using their slang and had knowledge of how they passed even down to the colour and flowers at their funeral.

Suzy is certainly very gifted and blessed by the angels I would not trust no one other than her.

Heather xxx”

“I once was very sceptical about physic mediums, and didn’t really believe in all that, until my partner encouraged me to see for myself. I had a reading with Suzy and she knocked me of my feet with the information she gave me, and the messages from loved ones that come through, I now can say I honestly believe Suzy is genuinely gifted.

Kind, warm, friendly, non-judgmental, patient, down to earth lady, thank you Suzy.


"My Reading with Suzy was incredible accurate. I have been to her in the past for mediumship readings. This time she also connected to my higher guides and picked upon the next project I have been working on. She was able to tune in at a very high level and bring through the energies I have been connecting with. Her confirmation of everything I had been experiencing so far was so affirming. And the extra guidance she brought through was invaluable. I highly recommend her. Suzy is heart-centred, and a beautiful soul with integrity. 

Thank you Suzy xx"

"Suzy did my first reading about 12 years ago. I have always had a spiritual leaning but the practicalities were all very new. It was a most wonderful, inspiring, truthful experience. I have since returned for readings, channeling and some sound therapy. Suzy channelled my parents who have both passed, it was so lovely to connect with them and Suzy mentioned many things only i would know. The sound therapy was also incredible.... I felt a profound energetic shift that brought great peace and elevated much sadness. Thank you Suzy for you constant, gentle guidance......Mary F".

“Had an amazing, awesome reading from Suzy......

She was spot on with things from my past, here's to my future.

I would & am going to recommend Suzy to my friends.

Thank you Suzy.....

Petra Allen xxxx”

“Hi Suzy, I would just like to thank you for my fantastic reading on Friday. It was so lovely for you to connect with my mum and grandma. I’m looking forward to the great things ahead xx W.”



"My friend and I had the most wonderful readings yesterday evening, thank you so much Suzy-grace for your knowledge and communication, your abilities astound me!.... would recommend 100%.......

Sarah Harper".

"I have to say.......that was the most beautiful heart-felt Funeral I have ever attended - great job"

Funeral Director.


"My husband and I highly recommend Suzy-Grace! She gave us the most beautiful Ceremony we could have wished for, it was personalised just for us, we laughed and cried, definitely a Ceremony that all our guests, Matt and myself will never forget! Thank you so much! X"

Mrs and Mr Linford

© 2020 Suzy-Grace Galadriel

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